Monday, October 17, 2011

Angry Birds Love Pinterest!

I originally started this blog back in the spring when I was doing movie reviews, but like most projects I start, I trailed off about 4 months later........ but started blogging for Occasions' magazine website, As much fun as I was having, a new job in a new city means several things: one, that it didn't make sense for me to keep blogging for a Jonesboro website when I'm living in Conway, and two, that I've got more time on my hands than I've EVER had (since I don't know anyone yet!). THREE (and probably most importantly), I am obsessed with Pinterest (like every other female on the planet)!

My dear angel BFF Cathy and I discovered last week that you can't pin your own creations directly from facebook, and as most of you know, that's really the only way most folks can share their works of art...and let's face it, if you can pull yourself away from pinning long enough to actually MAKE something, gosh dang it, you want to share it! So Cathy, in all her Hermione-like brilliance, suggested to me today that Sunday Popcorn should be revived for the sole purpose of displaying our proud pinnings! GENIUS!

This brings us to my first Pinterest project. I can't take all the credit. My sweet and slightly creative boyfriend happened to see some pumpkins I found on Pinterest, and went a little nuts. The picture was of two pumpkins that had been transformed into the red angry bird, and the mean green pig that goes with them. Not to be outdone, WE visited the Johnston Pumpkin Farm up in Greenbrier last weekend and went to work picking out our Angry Birds family!

Quite picturesque, isn't it? 50 bucks later, we came home with 6 pumpkins we felt best represented the shapes of 5 angry birds and one doomed piggy! Here they are before their transformation:

And here they are AFTER!!

TA-DAAA! We used all acrylic paints you can get anwhere, and just Google imaged the birds until we found photos we liked, and freehanded the faces. The eyebrows and toppers on each bird, and the pumpkin face, were all made from cardboard, painted, and hot glued on to make their faces pop a little more. Chad made the box and the "glass" block from cardboard too. Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween!!

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